About Us
Weiss Wafer is a specialized manufacturer of Polished Silicon Wafers for semiconductor industry. Weiss Wafer offers a diverse product selection of tailor-made Polished Silicon wafers in a wide range of specifications from 2” (50.8mm) to 12” (300mm) size for some of the most essential microelectronics applications: Discrete Power Devices, Integrated Circuits, Sensors etc.

We carry a wide selection of Prime Semi Standard CZ and FZ Ingots in stock at all times, especially high resistivity Ingots. And we accept customized Ingot enquiry.

   Silicon wafers are an integral part of today’s evolving technologies sector. The semiconductor materials market requires silicon wafers with precise specifications to produce a vast array of new integrated circuit devices. WEISS WAFER recognizes that as semiconductor-manufacturing expenses increase, the cost of those manufacturing materials, such as silicon wafers, also rises. We understand the importance of both quality and cost efficiency in the products that we offer to our customers.
We offer wafers in cost-effective and stable quality.

   We offer comprehensive services and products tailored to their applications to our customers all over the world. It is the quality and reliability that makes WEISS WAFER the choice as a qualified supplier for major industrial companies.
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Email: sales@weisswafer.com
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