MEMS Wafer

MEMS Wafer
Product Detail

Float ZoneFloat Zone
Diameter100-150 mm50-150 mm*100-150 mm*
Crystal orientation<100> <111><100> <111><100> <111>
Orientation accuracy<0.5°<0.5°<0.5°
Type and dopantUndoped, n-type, p-typeUndoped, n-type,p-typeUndoped, n-type,p-type
DopantAs, B, P, and SbP, BP, B
Bulk resistivity0.001-601-30,0001-30,0001-30,000
Bulk lifetime>20 µs>1,000 µs>1,000 µs
Wafer thickness200-1,500 µm200-1,500 µm200-1,500 µm
Wafer thickness tolerance±15 µm±15 µm±5 µm
TTV<5 µm or <9 µm<5 µm or <9 µm<2.5 µm
<3 µm<3 µm<1 µm
Wafer surface finish

Single side polished,

Double side polished

Single side polishedDouble side polished

MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) is a term introduced to represent a class of miniaturized mechanical or electro-mechanical devices including sensors, actuators and biochips.

Typically use silicon as the substrate due to its IC semiconducting compatibility as well as unique electrical and mechanical properties, such as semiconductivity piezoresistivity, high mechanical strength,ect…  

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