Fused Wafer

Fused Wafer
Product Detail

Thickness (um)Depends on Request
MaterialFused Silica
Surface FinishedDSP/SSP
TTV (um)<8
Bow/Warp (um)<30<30<40<40<60<60
Ra (nm)<1
S/D (um)40/20




“Fused Silica” or “Fused Quartz” which is the amorphous phase of quartz (SiO2). When contrasted to borosilicate glass, fused silica has no additives; hence it exists in its pure form, SiO2. Fused silica has a higher transmission in the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum when compared to normal glass. Fused silica is produced by melting and re-solidifying ultrapure SiO2. Synthetic fused silica on the other hand is made from silicon-rich chemical precursors such as SiCl4 which are gasified and then oxidized in a H2 + O2 atmosphere. The SiO2 dust formed in this case is fused to silica on a substrate. The fused silica blocks are cut into wafers after which the wafers are finally polished.

Ultraviolet Grade Fused Silica – JGS1

Ultraviolet Grade Fused Silica wafers encompass a high transparency in the ultraviolet spectral range. The transmission in the VIS and UV is approx. 90 % hence only reflection losses and drops between 220 and 150 nm down to 0 %. In the infrared range, the comparable high OH-concentration of normally 1000 ppm which causes absorption bands for wavelengths > 1.2 μm.

Optical Grade Fused Quartz – JGS2

The transmission range of significantly cheaper JGS2 wafers is shifted towards longer wavelengths when compared with JGS1 wafers. In this case, UV-absorption starts below approx. 270 nm wavelengths, while in the VIS and IR the transmission is approximately 90 % up to approximately 2 μm wavelength as a result of lower OH-concentration (typ. < 300 ppm).

Full Spectrum Fused Silica – JGS3

These are wafers which are comparatively more expensive than the others. These wafers encompass very low OH-content (typ. < 10 ppm) showing a high transparency of > 80 % over a broad spectral range of approximately 200 nm – 3 μm, and approximately 90 % in the wavelength range 250 – 2.5 μm.

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