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Lithium tantalate (LiTaO3) crystal is an excellent multifunctional material with high application value. LiTaO3 crystal has become the best choice of pyroelectric infrared detector materials due to its stable and high chemical properties (insoluble and water), Curie point higher than 600℃, not easy to depolarization phenomenon, low dielectric loss, and high optimal detection rate. The polished LT wafer is widely used in the manufacture of resonators, filters, transducers and other electronic communication devices, especially because of its good mechanical and electrical coupling, temperature coefficient and other comprehensive performance, it is used in the manufacture of high-frequency surface acoustic wave devices, and in many high-end communication fields such as mobile phones, walkie-talkies, satellite communications, aerospace and so on.

MaterialOptical Grade                                                (White or Black)SAW Grade                               (White or Black)LiTaO3 wafers                                                                       (White or Black &Fe doped)
Curie Temp603±2℃


Cutting AngleX/Y/Z etcX/Y/Z/X112Y/Y36/Y42/Y48/etcX/Y/Z/X112Y/Y36/Y42/Y48/etc
Diameter/size2”/3”/4” LT wafer3”/4”/6" LT wafer

3”/4”/6" LT wafer

Tol(±)<0.20 mm

<0.20 mm   ±0.005mm

Thickness0.18 ~ 0.5mm or more
Primary Flat
16mm/22mm /32mm /42.5mm /57.5mm
Orientation Flat
All available
Surface Type
Single Side Polished(SSP) /Double Sides Polished(DSP)
Polished side Ra
Back Side Criteria
General is 0.2-0.5µm or as customized
S/D40/20 or 20/10
Edge CriteriaR=0.2mm or Bullnose
Optical doped
Zn/MgO etc
Fe doped for saw grade LN< wafers


general:5.9x10-11<s<2.0*10-10 at 25℃general:5.9x10-11<s<2.0*10-10 at 25℃

Wafer Surface Criteria

Particles ¢>0.3 µm
<= 30
Scratch , Chipping
DefectNo edge cracks, scratches, saw marks, stains

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